Sunday, March 13, 2005

Emergent Semantics-say what?

Eric Meyer--CSS--guru disapoints many who didn't read the session description and wanted a CSS talk.

I can't say I fully understood everything that was discussed here but I got the gist that it was basically metadata on steroids or ways to do tagging that (somewhat) satisfy web standardists.

Basic principles:
1. Define a microformat that solves a specific problem
2. Use XHTML that already exists when you can, otherwise create a microfomat.
3. Use or leverage existing standards that aren't immediately expressible in XHTML.

Googles rel="nofollow"
Creative Commons license-link annotation
XHTML Frinds Network (XFN) Metrolling -- rel="met"
hCard & hCalendar-reproduce vcard and icalendar VFCs

Publish a list of people you met at SXSW with a link to each person's site. Add rel="met" to each link:
Eric Meyer An aggregator like will search and show all of the people someone has met. Why?? Most rudimentary purpose is to establish a basic trust level.

Cross XFN with VoteLinks to see what friends like/dislike.
Cross VoteLinks with license annotation to see the most liked/disliked licenses
Cross hCalendar with a music categorization system to see when are some upcoming shows by klemer bands :-)

Search engines are starting to recognize rel values


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