Monday, March 14, 2005

Make haste slowly-big results with small teams

May be useful for framing discussions with directors!

1. Get passionate (and be right). Make sure your goals correspond with those of the organization and feel strongly about them

2. Prototype the future. Take care in how you talk about the future. Talk about what you plan to achieve and not the technical details of how.

3. Target the low hanging fruit. Target the things that are easy to change. Target the resources you have now and the knowledge that is there.

4. Sell in a way that already works. Reference solutions/decisions/projects that have worked whether they are in your organization or another (but especially your own).

5. Track what you launch. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. It’s also ammunition. Think about the ammo you need and what information you need to acquire it.

6. Build quick small successes then point to those for the people who aren’t yet convinced.

7. Cultivate and champion (and make them think it was there idea). Find someone who gets it in the organization and foster a relationship that they think will make them smarter. They need to feel like you can help them in order for them to help you.

8. Have patience.

9. Customize your pitch to the audience. Determine the currency that each audience values and speak to that (money, people, time…)


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